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Kenyan election results contested in court but winners say Vox Populi Vox Dei

After a long Five days from the March 4 -9th 2013, Kenyans have listened to the results of the presidential vote they cast. Muigai Kenyatta Jr. has been pronounced the new President. The figures went to 50.7 the simple required majority having been 50.1 and a win in more than 25 of the 47 constituencies.

There is celebration, more in the two regions where he and he who was his running mate -William Ruto- comes from. After receiving the certificates of victory, the two and their main supporters headed for the Catholic University of Eastern Africa. Names of some who won constituency elections had their names called out. Unfortunately the names started with those of starting with an area that contained names from one region where Kenyatta Jr comes from. The procedure was stopped since there were too many names, just when got to the names from the Rift Valley. 

International Criminal Court

Both Kenyatta Jr and William Ruto face charges in the International Criminal Court, ICC, for having organized the violence that occurred in Kenya in 2007. 

Ruto´s words during the ceremony in which they two received certificates to lead Kenya were mainly based on 'small talk' on phone numbers and the nicknames he used for his friend UK, Uhuru Kenyatta, on his phone. He referred to prayers that have been said for him and their success. He said Vox Populi Vox Dei and told the people that God has been on his side as his wife got out of bed often at midnight to beseech God to save the lawyer turned politician from his being indicted by the ICC and for victory in the elections. 

This election, the duo repeated often was their race against the ICC. Raila Odinga has called his Press Conference: Democracy on Trial in Kenya. It was a moment of celebration and jubilation. The name Jubilee party refers to that Kenya will be celebrating 50 years of independence since Dec 1963 in 2013. 

Kenyatta Jr has promised to uphold security after talking about the police and sending his condolences to those who were 'butchered' on the first day of the election. He refers to ten policemen who were swiftly murdered early morning of election in Mombasa before any votes could be cast. He thanked the local media and pointed ut a difference with the international media. He thanked his main opponent Raila Odinga calling him elder brother and asking him to accept the results.

However, before he spoke, Raila Odinga had a press conference in which he outlined the flaws observed in the elections. He called for peace. His party CORD has filed a case in the Supreme Court. He told the press that if the court rules he failed, he will concede defeat but the questions he raises are vital. He responded readily to questions from the press. 

William Ruto mentioned Raila Odinga having said in German, Vox Populi Vox Dei, which for certain is Latin.
There is a sense of despondency among those who wanted a leader who has often expressed a passion for reform in the country. Those who wanted to have the completion of cases against humanity first completed before these duo presented themselves for election. But the party says God has spoken through the people. The percentage margin between their win and the second place is said to be narrow as CORD rejects the tally and says enormous evidence is availed to them.

Kenyatta Jr in his celebration talk did not mention the ICC. It appears hopes that the respect he calls for, that is for Kenya as sovereign state takes for granted that the ICC is not of key importance here. Kenya can be led and should be respected, he says. But earlier in their campaign promises the two had promised to follow the ICC procedures and to allow due process. The two have said that if summoned by the ICC, they will go and then they will serve the country via Skype but it appears they will like Bashir completely ignore this process.

Chief Justice Dr. Willy Mutunga
Threats on the life of the Chief Justice of Kenya

The Chief Justice of Kenya and the Supreme Court has much work ahead. And this is the Chief Justice that received a contested letter -in terms of its authenticity - threatening his life, that of other judges and ambassadors if a ruling that Kenyatta Jr and William Ruto would be barred from this election based on the 6th Chapter of Constitution 2010, which outlines issues of integrity would be made. 

William Ruto has a court case regarding the grabbing of 100 ha of land from a farmer, land that was supposed to be for Internally Displaced People. Kenyans have said that this vote is one for impunity but  right now no media says that as we admire the first families on stage on TV and see their wives for the first time as people whose status has changed. 

A surprising remark on fb came from a seasoned columnist who stated that The Chief Jusice Dr. Willy Mutunga will be hounded out of office by the end of 2013. So we wait. We wait to see.

God and the Catholic faith 

Kenyatta Jr is a Roman Catholic as is his mother and most of the family. It was indeed said by some simple people up country that Kenyatta Jr is the chosen one of God, in fact of Mary. Even if Kenyatta  referred to help in campaigning at the University of Nairobi, his first speech was held at the Catholic University because it was the desire of his Jubilee party.

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